Google RSS made easy with the “Next” button

RSS feeds are a great tool to skim through condensed information – I’ve used Google Reader for several months and have found that it’s a good way to sweep through a lot of information in a short amount of time, say, while drinking my morning coffee.  This was especially handy when I am required to read through The Chronicle of Higher Education or Higher Ed Live for graduate classes – get the headlines, a few keywords, and know when to dive in deeper into an article.  However, I felt like the reader interface was clumsy when it came to photos in some posts (photoblogs are plain ugly in GR), and reading just the text of an article when I knew the website design was lovely (like at design*sponge) was similar to eating a Twinkie when a designer bakery cupcake was three feet away.

Sometimes a website needs to be viewed in its natural environment – the website the blogger, designer, or editors created for their content.  How frustrating is it to feel like you have to click on a link when everything is supposed to be easy to glimpse over in GR?

No more of this tension, friends.  Simply visit your Google Reader Settings under “goodies” to add some ease back into your life.

Just drag the “Next >>” and “Subscribe…” links to your bookmark bar.  Easy peasy.

The Next Button: click on it and it takes you to the next blog on your GR list. This allows more context during your reading – see the site design, updates, menus, and ways to contact the author(s).

The Subscribe Button: Find a blog or website you want to add to the list? No more copy/go into GR/paste into subscription box. Click it and know it’s there.

These are amazing tools – see if they work for you and your browsing style.  As whoorl mentions in her post about GR, “People, it’s like old school blog-hopping with with a side of modern convenience.” How can you argue with that?

The best part? When you finish reading, you reach the end of the internet as your GR knows it:

Bonus: this video is a little long, but you should really see this Google Reader share how he goes through 600+ posts armed only with the “j” and “k” buttons (and a dose of skill on how to skim and look for tags and keywords).

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Student Affairs professional in Higher Education by way of Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. I live, eat, & breathe college students. Really. I add them to my coffee sometimes.

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