12 Things I Wish I Had Known About Graduate School

  1. You thought you knew there would be less money, but there really is less money.
  2. You should have bought your own espresso machine sooner.
  3. The APA manual is your friend. Purdue OWL is your BFF.
  4. Listen. Don’t talk so much.
  5. Stop listening. Talk more.
  6. Time management (and the legendary state of balance) is in the eye of the beholder.
  7. Write. Write early. Write often.
  8. Be intentional.
  9. Know when to be disciplined.
  10. Know when not to care.
  11. Remember what’s important. Remember why you’re here.
  12. It will be over soon. Make the most of it.
I’m halfway done with my graduate program and reflecting on the year. What do you wish you had know about graduate school (or a challenge you took on)?
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About Laura Lambeth

Student Affairs professional in Higher Education by way of Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. I live, eat, & breathe college students. Really. I add them to my coffee sometimes.

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  1. Michelel Robinson


    Excellent post and definitely all important lessons. I am half way done with my program as well and you speak to a lot of the lessons I have learned too. Are there behaviors you are looking to change in your second year? What will you keep the same? And it really does go by fast. My blog also has a reflection of the first year of grad school. Please check it our and let me know if you have any feedback.

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